How much notice do you need to do a cake?

I only take a few orders every week so when that week is booked out I will not accept any new orders. Some people leave it way too late to order a cake and are devastated that I cant fit the order in because I do need to sleep. A general guide: 2-6 months notice is normally fine but some weeks book out early in wedding season.

How much is a cake?

Depends on the design, size etc. Please see our pricing page for guidance.

Can I send you another persons cake picture to copy?

You can send me a cake picture but I will not do a direct copy/plagiarise another persons cake design to the detail. Like many cake artists, I use other decorators designs as inspiration, creating something comparable but in my own style.

How many servings does a cake cut into and how much do you charge per serving?

It depends on the portion size and the ability of the caterer to cut it well. To some people a sliver of cake is a portion size – to others, no less than a chunk of cake is a portion size. I do not price by portion, I price by the hours spent on decorating the cake and the size.

Will you make a small cake for a few people?

I only make medium, large, and XL size cakes. I cannot fit my artwork on tiny cakes so choose not to do them small. We do make cupcakes though which is a nice alternative. Click here for information about cupcakes.

Will you decorate a cake we have provided?

No, sorry, I don’t decorate other peoples cakes; the last one I did do turned up burnt black and uneven and I was embarrassed to put my artwork on it. People may well have blamed me for the awful taste of the cake, so my policy is now not to decorate other peoples cakes.

Do you plain ice cakes so it can be decorated with fresh flowers?

Best Practice code of conduct specifies that fresh flowers should never be placed on cakes, ever, to prevent cross contamination. Most flowers have a level of toxicity, some are poisonous, especially lilies, and many have contaminants on such as sprays. I will not ever  consent to them being placed on my cakes.

Can you make just a figurine or sugar flowers so I can use them on my own cake?

At the moment I don’t make figurines or flowers for sale separately although I may do this in the future if I ever get spare time. I do have a range of chocolate seashell sets for sale – please check my “products” page for details of what I sell.

Can I change my design/colour/flowers/flavour etc of a confirmed cake?

Yes, but not within a week or two of the confirmed date of pickup because I may have already spent hours working on detailing that I need to create the cake or have purchased products early for the cake.

Can I pick up the cake a day or two early?

Yes, but I need plenty of notice of the date change. I will not be able to fit it in a day early if my week is booked solid with orders. Most function centres will not accept a cake early because of their insurance and inability to store it. I cannot be held responsible for cakes picked up early that are damaged by pets, children insects, incorrect temperature control, etc during extended storage.

How long do the cakes last?

It depends on the temperature and level of shade they are stored at – some of my cakes surprisingly last a week or two but if kept in hot, light, or humid conditions you cant expect much more than a few days, although, astonishingly, some cakes do sometimes last for a lot longer than we expect despite the temperature and storage conditions.

Can I visit you to see my cake being made?

No, my studio is private, and for health and hygiene reasons specified by the policy of the Auckland Council food safety regulations, I cannot allow visitors in my studio while I am working. Cake pickups are made at an agreed time and date when the cake is complete.

Can I change the pick up date to another completely different month/date?

Sometimes. But not usually at short notice because I may not be able to fit it into another date and I may have already started work on the detailing of the cake.

Do you teach cake decorating?

No sorry, I do not teach and I do not give advice on how to create my works of art to other decorators.

Do you deliver cakes?

Sometimes if we can fit it in after we close the cake studio, but this is not always possible. Please check our delivery page for details. We offer delivery for almost all wedding cake orders in the Auckland area only and with adequate notice.

Do you send cakes by courier?

Usually no.

Do you accept all credit cards?

I only accept Visa and Mastercard, NOT American Express, Farmers, GEM Visa, Q card or any other credit cards because their processing fees can be extraordinarily high.

Do you make allergy free cakes?

No sorry. We no longer make allergy free cakes.

Do I need to pay a deposit?

I usually require a booking fee/deposit of $50-100 which confirms your order. This is offset against the final price of the cake and is non refundable if you choose to change your mind because I may not be able to fill the space with another order.