The Birthday cakes galleries are now uploaded and we are adding new pictures every week!

Almost any idea can be made into a birthday cake design, the finished design and size largely depends on your budget and inspiration. We do not do plain iced cakes with no decorations and we do not offer small sized cakes. please visit our galleries or Facebook page for design inspiration for your cake.

POLICY ON COPIED WORK: We welcome customers sending pictures of other decorators work, this happens frequently and is a good way to show us colours and details you want to be reflected on your cake. Our policy is to use those pictures as inspiration only and never to do direct copies of other decorators cakes.

There are two reasons for this – firstly, it is considered bad business practice to copy other decorators work down to the last dot and many decorators will be hurt and offended by copycat cakes going out without their name on it. Every decorator has their own ways and techniques of making sugar art and two decorators will rarely make the same design exactly like each other. It is considered stealing if a decorator plagiarises another decorators design and people within the industry who do this are not considered respectful.

Secondly, we like to make every single cake completely exclusive so you never see the same cake at two different parties.  In fact, we rarely do copies of our own cakes, preferring to create every single cake into a unique work of art. Customers who insist on asking for exact duplicated copies will be referred back to the original cake decorator who created the first cake design.

Types of cakes/products we do not do:

We don’t make cake pops, tiny cupcakes (large only), small or mini cakes (except smash cakes, ordered with a main cake), cheesecakes, pavlovas, sugar cookies, ice cream cakes, carrot cakes, cream cheese icing, or any cake with fresh fruit and cream in our hot climate (because they all spoil very quickly), profiteroles/croquembouche, or any other variations except custom cakes and cupcakes.