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Some of the comments were: "AMAZING," "EXQUISITE," "AWESOME," "FANTASTIC"….and we could go on!
But mainly the simaltanious WOW as it entered the room, the family were lost for words and the smile on Courtney\’s was the best part of all’,
‘Thank you very much for making a yummy and beautifully presented birthday cake for my man. Everyone enjoyed it!!!’,
‘Thanks so much for a wonderful cake! It was amazing, even better than the picture on your website (and the website picture looked great)! The green colour was stunning. Everyone commented what a great cake it was! It was very tasty too..’,
‘I would like to take the opportunity to say a BIG THANK YOU for the wonderful \’Naughty Nurse\’ cake made for my father\’s 60th….it was the highlight of the night….and the cake was delicious. Once again thank you so much…we will be in touch again for the next big celebration!’,
‘I can\’t thank you enough for our son\’s 21st cake, we had over 300 guests in the end and the compliments about his cake was never ending. It was absolutely more than we anticipated, the design was perfect for the occassion. My son loved it and was totally blown away. We cut up the cake to serve to the guests and the taste was divine, just as perfect as the cake, swiss chocolate fan for life. Can\’t wait for you to create & design our next cake, watch this space as you were well advertised on the night.
Thanks again and keep up the great work you do in making each cake special for the occassion!’,
‘I just wanted to thank you for the most beautiful wedding cake. It was absolutely fantastic and everyone commented on just how awesome it was’,
‘Thanks for the yummy cake. It was a great focal point for most of the evening as we had it set up on a table before the Bride to Be cut into it! It tasted delicious too so thank you very much. I will not hesitate to recommend you to people in the future’,
‘Wow!!!! The compliments just keep on coming about your cake. To see the design in reality was \’jaw dropping\’!! So beautifully created and clever!!! The party attendees didn\’t believe that such an eye appealing cake could actually taste as good as well, but you proved them wrong!! Thank you soo much for the beautifully designed and tasting cake. Was worth every penny and more!!! Not only did everyone enjoy it but to hear my daughters glee of excitement was priceless. Thank you for making a memorable moment more memorable. All the best Anita and will definitely be spreading the word!’,
‘Thank you very much for the cake you did for Steve\’s 50th. It was awesome! Everyone loved it’,
‘My family and I would like to thank you for the beautiful and extraordinary cake..Words cannot describe the joy it brought us to have such a beautiful and magnificent cake. Everyone commented on the cake…I am so happy that I found you on the net.’,
‘Thanks so much again for the cake and the cupcakes – it was amazing! It got so many comments and the cakes themselves were delicious!’,
‘What a hoot! Stef\’s cake was everything I dreamed it would be!
It was a real hit with everyone, not only your awesome art work but the devine cake as well. It\’s all gone already! So we just wanted to THANK YOU SO MUCH’,
‘Thank you so much for the cake, it was a huge hit! I was having to fend off small people all day who wanted to bite the head off Elvis’,
‘Thank you for a great cake – it was exactly what I wanted…and we had soooo many comments on it! The venue where the party was held was impressed and then disappointed you weren\’t local as I\’m sure she would have used/recommended you to future clients!’,
‘Thank you Anita, cake was gorgeous. Noho ora mai ra’,
‘Just wanted to say thanks for an excellent job on the cake for Risa. Everyone loved it and commented on how good it looked. And there was more than enough to go around’,
‘Thank you for the lovely cake you\’ve prepared for my daughter\’s first birthday. You\’ve truly made everyone happy. That neopolitan-filled cake was really delicious! I would definitely recommend this to others. Good job!’,
‘Thank you so much for our fantastic cake – it was brilliant and everything we wanted and so delicious. The wedding was amazing and you helped make it the best day of our lives’,
‘Just wanted to thank you for a beautiful delicious cake, it was sooooo moist and beautiful, not too rich just perfect! Ronaldo absolutely loved it!! It was the envy of every child!!.. LOL Thank you so so much once again and we will definitely see you again in the future!!’,
‘The cake went down a treat, you would have thought it was a celebrity the amount of cameras and phone camera snapping away. Tevita absolutely loved it, he was so intrigued with the little man and rugby ball they didn\’t get eaten as he whipped them off and hid them so he could take them home ha!!! Anyway just wanted to say thanks for a superb job it was well received and I have posted your details on our noticeboard at work as so many people asked where I got the cake so hopefully a bit more business coming your way’,
‘The cake was AWESOME. So impressed. Thank you so much, you are very artistic. We had lots of comments so well done to you’,
‘Just to let you know that everyone loved the cake and it was a Hoot. Can\’t wait for the photos to come through, so will send you one. You did a great job and wanted to thank you again. If ever someone wants a cake for a special occasion i will pass them your email address’,
‘A BIG THANK YOU! The cake was absolutely gorgeous and my daughter just adored it as did her friends and couldn\’t wait for a piece’,
‘Thank you so much for the cake – wow it was amazing and everyone loved it’,
‘I\’d like to say thank you as the wedding cake was so beautiful!!! The roses looked so real and guests cant help but touch it and later on realize that it is an icing! I\’ll definitely recommend you to my friends and most likely order cakes from you for some other specaial occassions!’,
‘Thank you so much for the wonderful, gorgeous, artistic pirate cake you created for Paul\’s birthday party — it was a big hit among everyone! People kept asking where we got it from, and it gave me great satisfaction to say, "Oh, from the cake artist who created our wedding cake… She does all my cakes now." Hee hee! I am so spoiled! But once again, you created something just amazing, and I am so impressed’,
‘Thanks so much for that wonderful cake. Not only did it taste delicious, but you did a fantastic job of the decorating. Victoria was really pleased with it and everyone was so impressed!’,
‘On behalf of myself and my wife Vanessa I\’d like to thank you so very much for the work you did on our wedding cake, we really appreciated it’,
‘Thank you for doing such an awsome job of our 21st cake. It was a great surprise and very impressive!! Also, was great to be able to go in and show people on your website. Oh……. and it was VERY yummy, still finishing it off. cheers for that’,
‘The cake was fabulous and supposedly very tasty (didn\’t get a chance to eat much unfortunately) :-(‘,
‘Thank you soooo much for your wonderful cake – I just wanted to let you know that it was a HUGE hit on Saturday….everybody ABSOLUTELY loved it, and it was so so yummy also… Thank you so much, you are wonderfully talented!!!’,
‘Thank you so much for the work you did on our wedding cake – the design was amazing, the lillies were so life-like they perfectly matched our bouquets. The cake itself was delicious, especially the icing and received many compliments on the day’,
‘Thank you so very very much for Ron\’s beautiful "Antarctic explorer" cake. He really was blown away by it, as I thought he would be, & so were many of the people with us from what I overheard. It tasted delicious too, and really was the highlight of a very hectic day. One of the partygoers was a chap that Ron had wintered over with at the pole for 18 months & whom we have rarely seen since, he was the chef down there. So the cake was of very special significance to him too in several ways, and he was astounded by it. So many thanks again Anita, & I have passed your name on to several people, so be prepared!’,
‘Thank you so much for the cake you made for us! It was everything I could have wanted and more!! The cake and the penguins were absolutely perfect, everyone commented on how beautiful everything looked and I couldn\’t have asked for more. Thanks so much for you help with our big day’,
‘The wedding cake was …. ohh… so beautiful to look at and just as great to eat. The guests all loved it, and I think I should have taken business cards from you to give out, there where so many comments. Sunflowers on the cake and as arrangements…they looked great, so different, and colourful *____* We couldn\’t have been happier with the whole thing’,
‘Grant and I would like to say a big thank you for making such a beautiful cake for us. It was wonderful to turn up to our reception brunch and see it there waiting for us. It was perfect. We got loads of comments about it and we sure we told them about Auckland Cake Art – some of my friends are getting married soon’,
‘Wow the comments on the cake were full and fast, so many and the looks on peoples faces, thanks Anita from Tammy she was over the moon’,
‘Thank you for the thomas the tank engine cake – it was awesome and my son loved it – he didnt even wanna cut it up hehe lol. It tasted beautiful too. Once again thank you very much’,
‘Just wanted to say a huge THANK YOU. The cake was outstanding and admired by all present. I have passed on your details to several people’,
‘Thank you for the wonderful cake….Hubbie was delighted as were our guests….it was absolutely divine’,
‘Wow! What a cake! It was beautiful. Thank you so much. Everyone was impressed’,
‘The cake was Absolutely Fabulous! Not only did it look Gorgeous but it was a Gastronomic success!!! Thankyou so much. Expect lots of orders from our well contented guests (there were well over 60 of them). Cheers’,
‘Thank you so much for the awesome birthday cake for our 2 year old son Jaydon. It was amazing!! You really worked wonders with the information we gave you. Everyone thought the cake was absolutely stunning, and tasted great too! We\’ll definitely be using you again the next time we need a cake for anything. In fact, I am already thinking of reasons why we need another cake made!! I\’ll be in touch’,
‘Not only have you saved my bacon but you\’re an absolute artist girl!! 🙂 My hubby says the work you\’ve put into Tory\’s cake is "PHENOMENAL" and it takes a fair bit to impress him!! We will be recommending you to everyone we know! Its fantastic! and everything is so spot on… even the Tamoko, and Torz will flip out when he sees the drums!! Wow! We are very impressed, and very grateful. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you…’,
‘Thank you very much for Hanna\’s gorgeous 30th birthday cake!!! Guests on the boat cruise raved on about the stunning lustre of the chocolate base, meticulous attention to detail with frangipani blossoms bordered around the pretty edible pic\’, and the scrumptious aftertaste of the cake inner. The birthday girl herself was literally moved to tears when she first eyed the cake!’,
‘Just wanted to say a HUGE BIG THANK YOU for Oscar\’s cake it was amazing!! You are so clever, look forward to next years creation’,
‘Thanks for the delicious cake it was much admired by all my son loved it and the party was a great success’

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‘Lorraine & Jugin’,
‘Rachel Brad & Crystal’,
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‘Erin & Simon’,
‘Catherine & Greg Wilson’,
‘Miriam Williams’,
‘Vanessa Nicholson’,
‘Kerry McGuire’,
‘Dalline Leng’,
‘Debra Leauanae’,
‘Tania Oneroa’,
‘Charise Savage’,
‘Michelle O\’Connor’,
‘Prem Kumar’,
‘Merridee Sargent’,
‘Neta Sadlier’,
‘Feleni & Casper’,
‘Melissa Young’,
‘Metita & Serina Puka-Edwards’,
‘Linda Hardwick’,
‘Tupou Family’,
‘Kelly Kilgour’,
‘Trish Grey’,
‘Symon Parsons’,
‘Tania Willis’,
‘Upesh Patel’,
‘Rose & Jason’,
‘Ann & Canon & Ronaldo’,
‘Joanne Wallace’,
‘Kerry Grainger’,
‘Nicola Cox’,
‘Kim & Marc’,
‘Berenice Delluta’,
‘Katherine Dennis-Granich’,
‘Joy Savage’,
‘Doug & Vanessa Nichols’,
‘Michela Bertora’,
‘Ravi & Minaxi Chandra’,
‘Melissa Stringer’,
‘Paul & Andrea McClean’,
‘Lynne Hewson’,
‘Lorraine Lim’,
‘Deborah Ilias’,
‘Ruth & Grant’,
‘Greg Carter’,
‘Julia Sione’,
‘Brenda Knight’,
‘Denise Ross’,
‘Kate Renshaw’,
‘Marilyn & Bruce Maclennan’,
‘Shanel & Darrell Winning’,
‘Chez & Pete’,
‘Charlie Leota & Hanna Moemausu’,
‘Rachael Monks’,
‘Chris Clarke’

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