CAKE SIZES (approximate)

We do not have fixed sizes for cakes. This always varies according to the design and shape.

Minimum sizing for a single layer cake (except a smash cake which can only be ordered with a main cake) is approx 10″.

2 layer Medium (double or single barrel) is approx 8-9″ lower tier – upper tier depends on the design. Large is approx 10-12″ lower tier, upper tier depends on the design.

3 layer Medium (double or single barrel) is approx 10″ lower tier – upper tiers are in decrements smaller depending on the design.

Large 3 tier has a lower tier of approx 11-12″ depending on the design/shape and upper tiers are in decrements of 1-3″ depending on the design/shape.

Imaged single layer sizes and prices are at the bottom of the page.

Wedding cakes are sized differently to birthday cake sizes and largely depend on the design. We will usually give you an indication of the size with your quote.

How much is a cake?

We do not have fixed prices for cakes.

The price of your cake is determined by the amount of time and effort put in to it, ingredients, and urgency of your order regardless of the size. We DO NOT price per serving, we price per design and size.

You will receive the price of your cake in writing before it is confirmed. You can visit the galleries pages where you can find the prices of previous orders, however due to inflation and rising costs, the price of previous orders may not be the same as what you will pay today.

My minimum price point is $155-175 for layered and large single cakes Wedding cake prices vary. I don’t do single layer or small wedding cakes.

An average 3 layer cake is approximately $550 but this can vary according to the work involved and whether a figurine or handmade flowers, etc is added and if delivery and setup is required. Wedding cakes get priority over any other cake because of the time involved.

I DO NOT price “per serving”, my prices are reflective of the amount of hours required to produce the perfect cake for your wedding. I do not do recommended serving sizes – serving sizes vary for each cake depending on the experience of the person cutting

What is your budget?

When you order, you will be asked for your budget, I will not design a cake without knowing your budget. We understand that planning big events can be expensive, and we want you to have the best cake your money can buy. If your budget is too low, we may be able to make compromises that does not affect the quality of your cake. This may include cutting back on tiers or ornaments.

APPROXIMATE Birthday Price Guide

The final confirmed price will depend on decorating required

  • 21st key standard 17” $165, Double layer (lower 18-19”) $245
  • Martini glass cakes with figurine in glass – $255
  • Alcohol box cakes with all over design 11-12”x7-8” $255. Extra lower 15” tier under box cake $285
  • Sports Fan Jersey cakes (2D) approx 13” M $185, 15” L $235 (3D, layered) $185-255 DEPENDING ON SIZE/DIFFICULTY OF DESIGN
  • Custom carved cakes: numbers (each) size M 13” $175 size L 15” $200. Double numbers (18, 21, 50 etc) require special boards to be made and glued. Size L – approx 13” x 18” x 2 $285 Size XL approx 15” x 20” $355+ – final prices on all custom carved cakes depend on the decorating required.
  • Edible Bag/Shoe cakes start at $255
  • IMAGED CAKES. Medium 13” x 10″  approx $155+ depending on design and accents  Large 15” x 12″ approx $185+ depending on design and accents  Extra large 18″ x 13″ (note the maximum size of the image is 14″)  approx $255-375 depending on design and accents PLEASE NOTE THIS SIZE CAKE REQUIRES A SPECIAL LONG BOARD TO BE MADE 2 layers, double barrel (medium & large) POA
  • Large book/bible cake: 2 photos Medium size (approx 12″ x 10″) $155+, Large size (approx15″ x 11″) approx $185+  XL book: 2 photos (25″ x 20″) approx $255+ XXL Deep open bible/book (up to 4 layers, same size as XL but higher) approx $450-$650 approx (see top image)Largest size available (100 x 50cm; board size: approx 40″  x 25″ approx $850-$1000 – please preorder with plenty of notice if possible