Please use the click button on the homepage menu to order all cakes. I do not do informal quotes or price estimations on Facebook or Instagram, by messenger, over the phone, or by text. I always try to send a formal quote within 24 hours (if all the information is available) but on busy days it can take up to a week.

Auckland Cake Art owns the copyrights in their own photographs. Auckland Cake Art reserves the right to use cake photos on social media/our website for advertising. NZ Copyright Act of 1976 grants photographers and artists exclusive rights over their photos and creations.

1. DEPOSITS/HOLDING FEE paid within 7 days of the quote being sent, Deposits vary between $100-500 and this cost is not additional to the quoted price of the cake/cupcakes. We reserve the right to charge a cancellation fee of up to 100% if the cake has been started and is cancelled at the last minute, or if the order is cancelled within 8 weeks of the function (because we have turned away other orders for this date/space). DEPOSITS/HOLDING FEE are usually paid within 7 days of the quote being sent, this is to “hold the space” so we do not put other orders in that space even if requested. By paying a deposit, you agree to the terms and conditions clearly set out on our website.
REFUNDS under the New Zealand Consumer Protection Act, Retailers can choose not to refund eg ‘no change of mind refunds on pre booked products’. However if a customer cancels for any reason outside of the 8 week exclusion time where a cancellation fee is payable, an exchange or credit note may be given (non transferrable) for the full amount paid less the deposit/holding fee.
CONSUMER PROTECTION ACT NZ Usually once you have agreed on a contract, whether it is for a service to be provided or a credit sale, you are bound by it. If you don’t want to carry on with the contract or you don’t comply with your obligations under the contract, you will be in breach of contract. This can result in a fee or other penalty.
2. CONFIRMATION OF DETAILS INCLUDING CHANGES A full confirmation is usually sent to the customer the same week of pickup (or earlier, if possible). Auckland Cake Art will send a list of details including flavours, size, spelling of text/age, and monies already paid and amount to clear upon pickup, etc so we can ensure everything is correct. A time is always agreed upon at this stage and full directions/storage details are sent on the day
3. CAKE PORTIONS are an estimation only, and not guaranteed to be exact. Cutting sizes are dependent on the skill of the person cutting the cake. If shortage occurs because cake pieces have been cut larger, then Auckland Cake Art is not responsible nor liable.
4. MODIFICATIONS TO DESIGNS Auckland cake Art reserves the right to change or modify a design, if necessary, and does not plagiarise other decorators designs. Not everything seen on the internet is real or possible (including suspended or gravity defying cakes, and handmade figurines) and not all flavours are able to be made depending on season, availability and humidity.
5. RIGHT OF REFUSAL Auckland Cake Art retains the right to refuse an order because they are unable to do it, or we do not wish to proceed for any other reason.
6. LIABILITY Auckland Cake Art is not liable for damage to any cake once the customer has picked it up, or has had it delivered, injury to property nor grievance because of harm caused by eating non edible accessories on cakes, poor handling and storage or allergic reactions (we do not accept orders for allergy-free cakes). Auckland Cake Art does not accept liability for melted, warped, bulging due to heat, cracked or movement damage, including slipping due to angled travel or storage, colour loss/change (due to fading in bright light or similar), insects, animal or human damage.
7. PHOTOGRAPHY we reserve the right to use photography of cakes we have done for further advertising.
8.RETURNS: will only be offered if the cake is returned in full within 12 hours, with a valid explanation for the return, (not for a customer changing their mind, or mishandling/freezing and refrigerating creating an environment where the cake is not edible) the cake will be sent away for assessment by a professional, and a decision granted if we deem the fault to be ours.
We keep a baked and decorated sample of every cake we send out so we can compare the crumb and taste of every cake (this is due to less than honest customers replacing our cake with another cake and trying to get a refund).
Partial cake returns will not be refunded – every item that came with the original cake including boards, toppers, candles etc must be returned in full so we can send the whole cake away for analysis.
If the cake is broken, dropped, melted or cracked in transit, a refund will not be offered

FORCE MAJEURE CLAUSE is in effect for all accepted orders including natural Acts of God, or Man-Made catastrophe, terrorist acts , breakdowns or malfunctions, labour difficulties, war, or civil unrest, law or regulation or governmental authority declaring a partial or full lockdown. See the full list of our TERMS AND SERVICE at the bottom of the home page