Getting ideas

If you are stuck for ideas for your cake design, you can get inspiration by trying either of these ways:

  • You can view our previous designs from our gallery pages, our Facebook page, or our Flickr page.
  • There are many interesting cake designs to view on the internet such as: Pinterest, Facebook, Google Images, and Flickr.
Please note we do not plagiarize other cake decorators designs but use them as inspiration to design your own unique cake.

Another important note to make is that many of the cakes on Pinterest. etc are not real cakes. Many are show or false cakes and cannot always be recreated in real cake.

Consultations (Wedding cake only)

We are currently booked out for consultations until October 2020

You can visit us for a consultation for wedding cake designs (I do not offer consultations for Birthday cakes unless they are over 5 layers), where we can help you to create a unique cake design. Please note that you need an appointment to get a wedding cake consultation and we do not allow unscheduled visits in our commercial kitchen. Appointments are usually only scheduled on a Sunday – all other days are usually fully booked with cake baking and decorating. We do not do cake tastings. For more information on booking an appointment, visit our appointments page.


For our flavour list, visit our flavours page.

What we don’t do

Baked Goods we do not do: Plain-iced cakes with no decorations, Naked cakes (uniced), Mini cakes, Petit Fours, Mini cupcakes, Sugar Cookies, Macaroons, Profiteroles, Pavlovas, Cheesecakes including all other variants, and false cakes (polystyrene).

Services we do not offer: Decorating ready-made customers cakes, providing plain-iced cakes (no decoration), Selling supplies including icing flowers, images, accents and figurines, Sending cakes by courier outside of Auckland, Contaminating cakes by adding fresh flowers to them, having spare cakes/cupcakes on the premises waiting to be sold (all our cakes are pre-ordered), providing rough-draft sketch designs of cakes, or adding customers own special ingredients to our cakes.

Order your cake

You are now ready to order your cake! You can do this with our new order form or email directly the details – please do include your name, contact details, date, approximate budget and design.