Auckland Cake Art is taking limited orders for the rest of 2019, please use the "request a cake quote" form or email your request asap so you dont miss out!

Cake & Cupcake Flavours, Frostings

We do not decorate customers own home baked cakes or offer tastings, sorry. For allergies and special needs cakes please scroll to the bottom of the flavour list.

2020 CAKE FLAVOUR MENU – scroll down to view cake/cupcake flavours

Chocolate cake flavours (11)

Swiss Chocolate (darker chocolate, made with hazelnut chocolate syrup)

Milk Chocolate (light chocolate)

Double Chocolate (swirl white & dark choc)

Raspberry Red Velvet

Jaffa Chocolate (chocolate and orange)

Macaroon Cake (chocolate, coconut, raspberry)

Velvetberry Chocolate (raspberry, strawberry, chocolate)

Coruba Rum Chocolate

Hazelnut Chocolate

Peppermint Chocolate

Mochaccino (chocolate/coffee)

Light & Sweet cake flavours (16)

White chocolate/French vanilla

Vanilla (real vanilla)

Rainbow funky (colourful swirled neon colours)

Rainbow Soft (vanilla with soft baby pink and/or blue or colour of choice swirled with vanilla)

Camouflage (vanilla cream, green, caramel, chocolate)

Under the Sea (blueberry blue, purple, vanilla)

Neapolitan (vanilla, choc, strawberry)

Coffee Crème

Hawaiian Luau (pineapple coconut)

Duet (orange/lemon)

Tangerine Orange

Sweet Lemon

Coconut Crème

Pink Princess cake

Malibu Butter Rum

Caramel Toffee Vanilla swirl

Cupcake flavours (15)

    • 17 Colour foils are available to choose from, or you can have a variety of colours: black chocolate, nut brown, fairy pink, rose pink, hot pink, royal blue, sky blue, gold, champagne gold, silver, teal green, fern green, goth purple, bright purple, white, orange, romeo red

Swiss Chocolate truffle

Light Vanilla

Sweet Lemon honey

Oreo Cookies and Cream

White Chocolate Truffle

Raspberry red Dark Chocolate

Raspberry Red White Chocolate

Peppermint Chocolate (contains mint green chocolate centre)

Coconut Crème

Hazelnut Chocolate

Strawberry Vanilla

Jaffa Truffle

Caramel with toffee

Funfetti/rainbow sprinkles

Vanilla Passionfruit

Wedding Fruitcake cake flavours (1)

Traditional fruitcake (must be ordered 3 months before pickup)


We no longer cater for allergies sorry. New MPI health and safety rules will make it difficult for anyone except a full allergy-free specialist kitchen to cater for allergies and intolerances without risk of liability and litigation. We do not do vegan or vegetarian cakes.


We do not offer buttercream covered main cakes as a choice in our humid climate (except small “smash” cakes and cupcakes). We have seen enough disasters with melted distorted cakes with other commercial firms (even in the colder weather the humidity is still able to ruin the icing) to ensure that buttercream is not included in our frostings as an option (no exceptions). It is difficult enough handling fondant icing in our sticky humid climate without trying to wrestle with buttercream as well so it is not presented as a selection.We do not use cream cheese (due to spoilage in our hot climate).


All cakes have a swiss buttercream layer under the main icing.


We do not use almond icing (pale yellow almond icing used on English cakes as an under-layer) unless especially requested. An alternative to Almond on fruitcake is pineapple fondant (this is very popular). Marzipan supply is limited and expensive.


A lot of birthday cake fondant is handmade with strawberry pink or white vanilla marshmallows (Marshmallow fondant) which is tastier than the normal commercial fondant available. We also use some pre-coloured commercial vanilla fondant in limited amounts.


We also use vanilla royal icing, silken glaze, German dark chocolate paste , melted dark and white chocolate and light swiss meringue  frostings in limited amounts where we can to compliment the main frostings for texture and flavour (the design determines the choice).